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Hospitality Management & Consultant


Afyahn was established as a limited liability company for Import & Export in 1997 with its Headquarters in Doha ,Qatar

In 2013 Afyahn open a new service division under AHM&C – Afyahn Hospitality
Management &Consultant .Afyahn Hospitality is a service
oriented and value driven organization. We are one of the
fast growing organization specialized in Hospitality and
Food services known as a Leading regional provider of
knowledge and operational excellence delivered trough
highly trained, experienced and motivated teams.

AHM&C offer a wide range of consulting services
including concept development, feasibility studies, food
safety, design, procurement, Catering and kitchen
operations and training. As Consultants of Food services
we are holistic engaged and challenging our mind in
every task. Deliver innovative and sustainable ideas that
are resourceful, environmental-friendly, profitable, while
achieving our clients’ needs and financial goals, for their
Hospitality facilities and operations.

Our advice on sustainability issues relevant to the
hospitality and foodservice industries applying the latest
international and local trends to their designs and
specifying new technologies.

Mission and Vision

To be preferred leading regional provider of knowledge and operational excellence in Hospitality Industry by demonstrating excellence, fairness and integrity in all aspects of our work.   To be recognized as a: Trustworthy and high performing team. Be respected by our clients and partners. Be admired by our competitors. Be considered as a employer of

Afyahn’s Vision Statement

To Provide strong leadership in the Hospitality services through knowledge, teamwork and communication with the aim of enhancing efficiencies and to ensure that services represent best value quality with attention of transparency and fairness

Afyahn’s Mission Statement


Training and Development

The continued success of Hospitality industry directly
depends on first class service that will make our
guests experience memorable. In any kind of business
human resources are the most powerful sources. How
to attract outstanding personal, how to make full use
of employees abilities and potential in order to help
achieve the organizational objectives are the
questions that every employer should take into


Food Safety Programs & Audit

Afyahn Hospitality Management & Consultant
Company is offering a professional Food safety
programs and independent audit. Report to the
business owners or operators with detailed
information about Health and Safety standards in
their Hospitality outlets. Identify the critical points,
areas to be improved and provide effective solutions.


Procurement OS&E and FF&E for Hospitality industry

In response to a growing demand in Qatar for a professional
and ethical Procurement agent Afyahn offers a highly
professional service covering the purchasing of FF&E and
OS&E, managing every aspect from budget creation to
delivery and installation. Afyahn offers its clients a number
of key services that distinguish it as a reliable partner
operating to global standards:


Hospitality Consultancy and Advisory

Afyahn Hospitality provide complete range of
Integrated consulting services including:


Catering and Hospitality Contracts Management

AHM&C manage and operate your Food and
Beverage outlets provide Catering and Hospitality
Management services to organizations based on
long term Contacts.



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P.O. Box: 7545
Doha – Qatar
Tel No.: +974 4479 2221
Fax No.: +974 4483 7011
Email: administration@afyahn.com

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